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Phoebe (Phoebs) is an Honors College student currently pursuing a BFA in Illustration and Communication Arts.

I have used this blog and my research projects to explore ideas and problems within today’s world of art, animation, film and illustration – as well as anything else I find relevant or interesting in regard to the (English 1200) course that this blog acts as an e-Portfolio for. Many of these posts are writing-to-learn and are not revised, whereas some of them have undergone revision. Please keep this in mind as you browse the contents of this blog. My major assignments and all related work have been tagged as either “social media campaign” or “community-based research essay”. You can find these respective posts here:

For my readers’ convenience, I have placed many of my longer posts under a cut. Please click on the post’s title to view the post in its entirety, as well as activate any links (which do not work on the tag’s page). All of my other used tags can be found in a “tag cloud” on the right-hand side of my blog, and can be clicked on to view all posts with that tag.

I hope you find my e-Portfolio easy to navigate, and my work enjoyable to read!


Major Project #1

My first major project for this course was a community-based research essay. I began by generating ideas of various communities that I could potentially write about. These included the Honors College, School of Art & Design, bloggers, illustrators, and CorgiPals beneficiaries and donors. For my research essay, I chose to write about freelancing illustrators, focusing on the specifics of self-promotion and making it as a successful freelance illustrator. My audience was current art students, aspiring illustrators, and new freelance illustrators. I combined information from various credible resources related to illustration and freelancing in a way that I felt would be most helpful and make the most sense. I think the strengths of my paper lie in the voice I use while writing (I hope) and readability. My weakness lies in the overall organization of papers and essays. To begin drafting this essay, I did research both online and in person, and found many resources that were related to my topic (some more than others). I then reviewed all of my resources and determined the credibility and usefulness of each of them. After determining which sources were the most credible and useful, I made some annotations for these and took notes on which sections might be helpful to use for my essay. To help with my paper’s organization I made a rough outline for how I wanted it to flow, as well as an argument construction guide. I made several drafts of my paper (two of which are posted, plus the final) and got peer feedback on each, which helped with later revisions. All of my flash-writes show that I am capable of effectively discussing my writing process and products.

Major Project #2

My second major project for this course was to create a social media campaign. I chose to work in a group with Rachel, Taylor and Caroline.  For our campaign, we chose to use social networking sites Tumblr and Twitter. Due to the nature of these sites, our audience consists of mainly teenagers and young adults (although it could potentially be much broader – this is our core audience). Our purpose was to educate people about various species that are endangered or extinct, and about human-caused extinction. Throughout our campaign sites, we provided links to other organizations that are related to this topic, as well as shared articles from their campaigns. Several of the topics we covered in detail (by way of separate pages on the Tumblr blog) included human-caused extinction, urbanization, and poaching. The formatting is consistent and logical throughout the sites, and they have the same background and logo, so they are unified. In this way, we were able to use logos effectively. We appealed to the reader’s sense of ethos by using credible sources for our information, such as World Wildlife Fund and Defenders of Wildlife. We appealed to the reader’s pathos by using images and photos that are meant to invoke strong emotion in our readers (be it positive or negative) that would make them care more about our campaign’s topic. I think our campaign would have been more effective if we had more time to develop a base of followers that would then share our posts with others. To test the effectiveness, usability and appeal of our sites we conducted random user tests, from which feedback was used to make revisions to our campaign sites. Overall, most of the feedback was positive which reassured us that our hard work on the campaign was paying off. All of my posts related to our social media campaign demonstrate that I can effectively discuss my writing process and products.


Throughout this class, I have learned how to reinforce my academic writing skills and as a result, I feel that my writing has improved. I have certainly become more comfortable with the writing process. In the duration of this course, I was taught how to better conduct research and evaluate sources for credibility. I have also enhanced my ability to be organized throughout my writing process, and to develop pieces of an entire project effectively as I work. As I continue on in my academic and professional career, I know that the abilities I have developed up to this point will continue to help me to succeed.

I hope you, my readers, enjoy the contents of my e-Portfolio. I have chosen topics to research and write about that are personally interesting to me, and I hope my writing reflects that. As I mentioned previously, please keep in mind that many of my assignments posted are writing to learn or as an aid to develop my process, and that only select posts from this course are considered polished and finished prose.

This blog is the culmination of an entire semester, and I hope that my hard work is recognizable within its contents.


One Response to e-Portfolio Introduction

  1. Phoebe,
    It has wonderful to work with you in two (very different) writing intensive course, and I am have watched your abilities and skills grow tremendously over the last year and a half. Your leadership in the social media campaign project helped others to tackle more risky projects, and I appreciate all the feedback you’ve provided others during on their compositions. The revisions you’ve made to the CBR essay move it from a good piece to a stellar argument about the importance of self-promotion for illustrators, and your social media campaign demonstrates the ease with which you can use images, interactivity, and words to persuade audiences. While I’m sad that you are moving on, I know that there are great things in store for you here at ECU and beyond, and I hope that you’ll keep in touch and let me know how I can continue to support you. Have a wonderful summer and keep being awesome.

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