Beta Testing! User Feedback

User 1: “The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness and educate people about endangered species in the wild and conservation

Users can obviously like, reblog, and submit to this blog to help spread information. Maybe (if possible) add a share button so users can share articles on other websites.

I do suggest adding something to separate the links (i.e: “Extinction – Urbanization – Poaching – etc.”) as well as a underlining or changing the color of the text when hovering over it. I also suggest adding more organizations and charities to the Links page as well as a page about what someone can do to get involved.

Overall the blog is great! It has a nice layout that’s easy to navigate and a great amount of information about the cause. Very user friendly.”

User 2: “The campaign blog is about the numerous species that are endangered in this world, and this project is being done to spread awareness so something can be done about it! The background image is neat, but a little too cluttered. Also, if you plan on having many image heavy posts, perhaps pick a theme that works better for image posts… For instance, the header goes halfway down the page before posts begin to show. Finally, make the links to other pages more spaced out. They blend in far too much.”

User 3: “The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of the human effects on animal extinction. It appears that there are multiple ways to send feedback and/or responses, and having the resources easily findable is quite nice. The layout of the blog is nice, however the background colors contrast with where the information is, making it slightly straining on the eyes. Apart from that, well designed blog.”


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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