Considering Visual Strategies

Professional Ethos: Our blog isn’t strictly professional, although we have tried to use credible sources for our texts. Our current layout, graphics and color scheme is bright and quirky. It is meant to appeal to users of the site on which our blog is hosted (Tumblr), and to grab attention.

Pathos in Photographs: Our images invoke emotion in our readers. We have included photographs of actual species that are endangered, threatened or extinct. The WWF photo of the baby rhino that lost its mother is effective for pathos.

Pathos of Color: Our blog is currently brightly colored and richly saturated. Once again, I think the effect is to appeal to younger and teen users, although it also gives a positive feeling. In my opinion, it counteracts the photos (that may be disheartening or sad), with optimism and a sense of efficacy.

Pathos of Type: Our “Save the Species” logo typeface is also fun and quirky. It includes an exclamation point. The links within the text are bright orange, which match the background, and invite the user to click on them. The typeface for the main text itself is fairly plan and easy to read. One thing that should be more effective is how tiny the text in our header is, although I’m not sure I will be able to fix it since it is part of this particular theme (and I think this theme is currently working well for this type of blog, aside from that small error).

Logos of Arrangement: With the help of this single-column theme, we have avoided overloading the page with elements. There are separate pages for specific information, which are each organized in paragraphs. When you initially view the blog, the logo (“Save the Species!”) and the photos are the focal points of the page. Each of our posts thus far include a photo and accompanying text (and links). The bubbles on the lefthand side of the page tell what type of post it is and also unifies each post. The consistent typeface and colors also help to unify the individual posts.


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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