Annotated Bibliography – Harry Potter Alliance (Campaigns)

“Campaigns.” Harry Potter Alliance. HPA, n. d. Web. Web. 25 Mar. 2013. <;.

This page on HPA’s website has links to their past and present campaigns. Their campaigns give exposure and activism in social issues such as child labor, literacy, equality, mental illness, the media, bullying, climate, health education, impoverished communities and more. Specifically, their campaigns have included exposing child labor in the production of chocolate (HP chocolate frogs), having book drives to donate to those that need them, fighting for marriage equality (including livestreaming events), and charitable relief efforts in Haiti, among others.

The HPA’s campaigns could certainly be a starting point for our group project, especially in deciding what our campaign will be about and how to go about promoting and conducting it. HPA also partners with many organizations that might be helpful to look at when creating and designing our campaign.


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