Outline (rough)

  • Self Promotion in Illustration – Outline
  • Introduction
    • What illustration entails
    • Illustration as a whole industry
    • Illustration as a business
    • Thesis/Self-Promotion
    • Starting your career via self-promotion
  • Getting work published
  • Building a resume while in school (or before you start)
  • Making postcards
  • Sending emails, calling, etc.
  • Making yourself visible
  • Why beginning illustrators should self-promote instead of hiring an agent
    • It is more cost-effective
    • Most agents will not want to work with someone with no experience
    • Agents are not necessary at first
  • [How to be an illustrator, pdf 27]
  • Repeated Self-Promotion, avoiding discouragement
  • Illustrators who self-promote get more work published
    • Published work then acts as self-promotion in itself
    • Art directors are more likely to hire someone with published work
    • Art directors can discover you via your published work
    • Many artists who don’t have the best work still get jobs because they aggressively promote themselves
    • Entering art competitions and gallery shows
      • Entering art competitions and shows is a great way to self-promote
      • Art directors look through competition entries/winners to find artists
      • Work is juried in, and that looks great on your resume/website
      • Often, the people judging these shows are the ones that could be commissioning you for art
  • [How to be an illustrator, pdf 19-22]
  • Why you should have a website
    • Websites are the place for art directors to go to decide whether they want to hire you
    • Your website can host a professional portfolio of specific work
    • A blog may not have your best piece shown first
    • Websites should have contact info/ways of contacting you easily available
    • Blogs should be used for process and communicating with a cetain group of people, not to a new client
  •  [Nuts and Bolts pdf 06]
  • General profile-raising and having an internet/illustration presence is important
  • Conclusion

About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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