Resource Review: Primary Resource (Survey)


Survey Found Here

Some of my survey responses were close to being tied (on yes or no questions). I left a space for comments on every question, so that responders could explain themselves. Because of this, I may use direct quotes from responses, but generally, I think I will use the chosen responses to indicate peoples’ feelings about a topic. For example:

  • Many people were only somewhat, or not at all, confident in their portfolio
  • Exactly half of responders went to school for art, the other half did not
  • Most of the responses I got were from illustrators/illustration students
  • About 49% of people had not communicated with art directors or potential clients, 51% had
  • 76% had communicated with other professional illustrators/artists
  • About 66% did not have a portfolio!
  • 31.58% had a personal website, 18.42% did not, and 57.89% had a blog

Because my responses are from a varied group of people, my survey is not the most credible of sources. I may use it in my paper once or twice, but not often.


Date You Found the Resource: 2/19/2013

Type (category) of Resource: Online Survey

Title of Resource: “Survey for Artists”

Contributors: Anonymous

Creator: (me)

Date of Publication, Copyright, or Web Post: 2/19/2013

Medium of Publication: SurveyMonkey


Summary: In my survey, I asked questions such as…whether or not responders went to school for art, if they thought an art school was better than a university for a career in art, what they thought about their portfolio, what type of art they did, whether they had sent anything to art directors, their experiences communicating with other artists, their resume, and their websites.

Usefulness: I think I may be able to use some of the survey responses I have received in my paper, when/where they are relevant.

Credibility: Some of my responders could be more credible than others (I can try to determine which will be best to use based on that person’s responses).

Response: I think that some of these will be more useful than others.

Response: I hope that this resource will be helpful, although I think my books will probably answer more of my specific research questions.

Validity: Some responders may be more credible than others. I may choose only short, specific answers to use.


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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