Resource Review: Nuts & Bolts


Nuts & Bolts has been so incredibly useful to me while drafting this project. It has so much great information! Hively talks about approaching your illustration as a business, and many other important aspects of being a successful illustrator. I think this book has been my most used and most helpful resource of all. Some of the direct quotes I’m using from Nuts & Bolts:

  •  “…you’ll need to be seen at least three times before you’ve made the slightest impression. That could mean mailing three postcards or three email blasts over a short period of time. But definitely one shot is not enough to make any impression; if it does then it’s rare” (Hively, 2010)
  • “By promoting yourself you look successful” (Hively, 2010)
  • “A neglected site may send the wrong message, while you may be too busy to update your site it actually will come off as you’re not busy at all” (Hively, 2010)

Date You Found the Resource: 2/28/13

Type (category) of Resource: Book

Title of Resource: Nuts & Bolts, A blueprint for a successful illustration career

Author: Charles Hively

Editor: Charles Hively

Publisher and Place of Publication: 3×3 The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, 244 Fifth Avenue, STE F269, New York, New York

Date of Publication, Copyright, or Web Post: 2010

Medium of Publication: Book

Name of Library: N/A (Prof. Mansfield’s personal library)

Name of Database or Search Engine Used: N/A

Summary: This book includes helpful information from illustrators about illustration. It includes mantras that illustrators believe, “three things every successful illustrator knows”, information about the business aspect of illustration (because it is a business), “websites as marketing tools”, the importance of being visible, and do’s and don’ts.

Usefulness: This resource could be very useful, as it is relevant and knowledgable.

Source Location: Book (may be scanned or notes taken)

Credibility: The author is very knowledgable and credible. 3×3 is a good magazine for contemporary illustration. Charles Hively has been illustrating for years, has worked with some of the world’s best illustrators, and gets to see a lot of illustration working with 3×3.

Response: I think that this resource will be very useful in answering at least a few of my specific questions.

Response: I think that this resource will be one of my most helpful.

Validity: This resource is consistent, logical, and relevant.


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Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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