Resource Review: Drawn


While I feel that the majority of this site may not be as useful to me, there are some quotes I could use from it (from other illustrators that have been posted on this blog), like this one:

  • I’ve spent my entire career obsessively trying to “learn how to draw” when I should’ve just been drawing. Always thinking “I just need to get a little better… and then I’ll start working on (insert any of a hundred personal projects). The fact is that I’ve been good enough since my teens- and would’ve improved so much more rapidly had my study been in the service of any of those projects- and not in the dozens of sketchbooks pilled in my closet. Lesson: Don’t use “learning” as an excuse to avoid “doing”.”- Shane Glines, originally posted here


Date You Found the Resource: 2/20/2013

Type (category) of Resource: Blog

Title of Resource: Drawn


Editor: N/A

Publisher and Place of Publication: N/A (self-published)

Owner or Webmaster: N/A

Date of Publication, Copyright, or Web Post: Ongoing

Medium of Publication: Internet Blog

Name of Library: N/A

Name of Database or Search Engine Used: Google

URL: Drawn

Summary: Drawn is a blog for animation, cartooning, comic art and illustration.

Usefulness: This blog appears to be relevant and current as far as art, but I’m not sure if it will be able to answer any of my questions directly (although it appears to post links to other resources).

Source Location: URL

Credibility: The authors are also artists.

Response: I am not yet sure how this resource will answer my research questions.

Response: This resource seems relevant and is up to date.

Validity: The resource seems consistent, logical and relevant.


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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