Resource Review:


Interview with Ralph Lacoste

I found this interview with Ralph Lacoste linked on the front page of Lacoste has been a concept artist, matte painter, and art director for multiple video games and films. In this interview, Lacoste talks about what he looks for in a potfolio, where a young artist should look for influences, advice, etc.

Interview with Marc Holmes

This was another interview linked from the front page on ConceptArt. Marc Holmes is “one of the top art directors in the games industry” and has also worked as a concept artist. Holmes talks about what is most fulfilling in the world of art direction and concept art, necessary skills and training, and advice for artists.

Interview with James Kei

The third interview I found on the front page of ConceptArt was with James Kei, an artist, designer, painter and teacher. In this interview, he mostly discusses his career, but also gives some advice.

I think this resource could be really useful. The interviews would most likely be better to use as resources than most of the forum posts, simply because they are more credible.

Date You Found the Resource: ~2010-2011

Type (category) of Resource: Online community

Title of Resource:

Author: N/A

Editor: N/A

Publisher and Place of Publication: N/A

Owner or Webmaster: Site Leaders

Date of Publication, Copyright, or Web Post: Ongoing

Medium of Publication: Internet Forum

Name of Library: N/A

Name of Database or Search Engine Used: N/A


Summary (Main point and key ideas): is a community of artists that help each other, specifically related to concept art.

Usefulness: This site could potentially be useful to my research, depending on whether users have discussed relevant topics.

Source Location: URL

Credibility: Varies because the users vary; community by artists for artists.

Response:  This resource may or may not answer my research question. It should be helpful in certain areas.

Response: This resource will be somewhat helpful in that it covers many topics and is written by artists, although less helpful in that it is mainly related to concept art only.

Validity: ┬áThis resource’s validity and credibility can vary a lot depending on the posts.


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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