Summary: Ch. 5, Conducting Primary Research

This chapter on conducting primary research discusses the difference between primary (first-hand) and secondary research (the research results of others). The three main types of primary research are surveys, observations and interviews. The chapter “explores developing a research plan, when and how to conduct interviews, observations, and surveys, what ethical considerations are important to keep in mind, and how to present research results” (ch. 5, p.1). The chapter gives examples of student research questions, observations that would lead to a specific research question, and “double-entry” or research journals (observations and responses). It also discusses how to conduct interviews, surveys, and what the “ethical considerations” involved are. Finally, the chapter includes how to properly analyze or triangulate the data (quantitative and qualitative) and present the results.


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Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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