Primary Research Plans

I want to interview the illustration department head at the school of art and design. I may want to record my professor so I can get exact quotes for my paper. I will try to get current illustration majors to take my survey (online), or print out copies of my survey to bring to the illustration guild meetings.

Interview Questions (Ideas):

  • What should beginning illustrators know about getting into the field?
  • What methods are cost effective for contacting art directors?
  • What do you think art directors look for in an artist’s work?
  • What kind of portfolio pieces are important to include?
  • Why do you think photographers send out more communications than illustrators?
  • What careers can illustrators go into? Or, what type of work can they be commissioned for?

Survey Questions (Ideas)

  • Are/were you confident in your portfolio coming out of school?
  • Do you think an art school is necessarily better than a university for developing a portfolio  and gaining contacts?
  • Are you planning on going into (or have you gone into) a graduate program?
  • Are you planning on having (or do you have) a career specifically in illustration (rather than graphic design, etc)?
  • Have you sent any communications to art directors?
  • Have you communicated with professional illustrators?
  • Do you have an art-related resume?
  • Do you have a professional portfolio?
  • Do you have a personal/portfolio website?

*I would like to have a section at the end of the survey for people to anonymously leave comments, if possible.


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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