Research Proposal

            For my community-based research project, I would like to research and provide information on how illustrators can better self-promote themselves and their work. Based on an article my illustration professor read to us (from a current art magazine), photographers spend more money per year on self-promotion, and send out far more self-promoting document, emails, letters, cards, etc. than illustrators (as a general rule, not necessarily true of all photographers and illustrators).  I really want my project (mainly the visual part of it) to be more like a reader-friendly visual tutorial than a boring paper. My paper would expose the issues and questions artists may have about self-promotion, and my visual aspect of the project would be a guide for illustrators and artists (and would be especially attractive for those of us that are more “visual” people). I would also consider discussing how to build a great portfolio, what kind of work art directors want to see, and what form of communication they prefer when it comes to being contacted by artists. I would also include what websites, etc. are resources for artists and what modes of posting a portfolio are most visited by art directors, or most likely to give one exposure. Another aspect I might want to include would be portfolio building, and what types of portfolios are best for different careers…as well as various careers an illustrator could go into, or what kind of work different illustrators take on. I’d like to have small illustrations and perhaps hand-written text to go along with the visual/tutorial part of this project. I know self-promotion isn’t necessarily a controversial issue within the art world, but I feel that a research project on it is something that would benefit many artists given the proper context and exposure, and perhaps there are more aspects to it that I haven’t yet considered and will discover once I begin researching. I chose this topic because I am a Fine Art major and plan on submitting to the Illustration concentration at the end of this semester, so researching this topic will be useful and informative to me as well as to others. I hope that I can make it visual and engaging enough to interest even my non-artist readers.


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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