Free-Write on Generating Questions

  • How can illustrators best self-promote?

1.  What might your audience be interested in?  How could you relate your topic to your audience and their experiences?

My audience would most likely be art students, illustrators, graphic designers, artists and my followers. I think it would be neat if I could incorporate drawings/comic strips in this project, and make it seem more like a helpful tutorial than a paper that is going to bore readers. This would also make it more engaging for artists and readers.

2.  Will this topic satisfy the purpose of your writing and research for this assignment?  What should you keep in mind to make sure you are meeting the minimum requirements for this project?

I think this topic would satisfy the purpose of writing and research for this assignment. My comic strip or image-based post would fulfill the multi-modal portion of this project. For my annotated bibliography…I think a lot of my sources would be current art and illustration magazines, which are available in the media center of the School of Art. My illustration department head also has many issues of these, and would be a good person to interview for more information.

Are there any other audiences that would be interested in reading about this? Is a comic strip or text with drawings an appropriate form for the multimodal part of this project?


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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2 Responses to Free-Write on Generating Questions

  1. taylorh94 says:

    Phoebe, you seem to have thought through this research topic and question very thoroughly. I can tell that it applies to your life because of the personal touch and the extensive insight into issues that illustrators have. It is also applicable to a research paper! I also agree with your audience choice and think that the drawings incorporated into your writing is a wonderful idea. It will personalize your writing even more as well as help your audience relate to it even more with it touching at their interests. The only suggestion I have is to possibly add another dynamic to your research question. Though I think that a research paper is possible with your current question, I feel that there may need to be more of an argument element in it so that not only your personal views can be added to the paper but also the many different dynamics and opinions.

  2. Your topic is very well developed and interesting! It is not your typical research question, and I love that. It is something I wouldn’t have thought to explore so I am anxious to see where you go with it. The audience you have pinpointed is spot on and all of the people you mentioned would most definitely be interested in your paper. I think adding an artistic aspect such as a comic strip or text with drawings is a great idea and it would even attract more people to your project since it would possess something new and different. One thing you have to be careful of, though, is that the visual you add doesn’t take away from the paper’s content. I like this idea and I think it can be carried out very well.

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