Generating Ideas: Communities

Community: Honors College

  • Role: Honors College member/student (2nd year)
  • What: Recruiting new members, keeping program active and students involved
  • Who: Students, faculty and staff
  • How: Studies, statements, testimonials, research, scholarship
  • Where: Website/internet, face-to-face, campus publications, email
  • Why: To keep the college going

Community: School of Art & Design

  • Role: Student, Illustration
  • What: Student shows, events, sales, exhibitions, competitions, guest talks
  • Who: Students, faculty and staff, artists from outside the school
  • How: Scholarship, statements, programs, Internet
  • Where: Campus publications, competitions, website, community galleries, art magazines (via submission), articles
  • Why: To develop as artists and creative persons.

Community: Bloggers

  • Role: Blogger (owner of multiple blogs)
  • What: Anything! I tend to see things like petitions against morally/socially unjust laws catch a lot of attention.
  • Who: Anyone (with Internet access)
  • How: Internet articles, websites, other sources
  • Where: Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Blogspot, etc
  • Why: Because we can.

Community: Professional Illustrators

  • Role: Outsider hoping to join within the next five years
  • What: Preventing art theft, making sure artists know their rights and get fair compensation for work, publicity
  • Who: Illustrators, other artists/creative persons, art directors, writers, publishers
  • How: Artists, art history, reference books, Internet, art magazines
  • Where: Society of Illustrators, schools of art, Internet, galleries, etc.
  • Why: Produce illustration for various parts of society, grow as artists, get work published.

Community: CorgiPals

  • Role: Beneficiary, donor
  • What: Raising awareness for Corgis (Cardigans, Pembrokes and Corgi mixes) in need (to help pay outstanding vet bills).
  • Who: Corgi owners, family and friends, and Corgi lovers.
  • How: Vet bills, statements (i.e. Care Credit), testimonials
  • Where: Facebook,, The Daily Corgi (blog)
  • Why: To give a voice to Corgis in need.

Guidelines for this assignment under the cut. 

Name of Community 

Your Role

Are you an insider or outsider in that community?  How do you fit in or not?


Describe an Important Conversation in the Community.  What is it about?  What’s at stake?


Who speaks or writes?


On what authority? What kinds of texts?


What kinds of evidence?


Newspapers? Speeches? Meetings? Lectures? Blogs?  Academic Journals? Books? Twitter? Facebook?


What is the purpose of these communications?


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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