Synchronous Peer Conferencing

I conferred with Brandon Boone (Trey) about our next project, a community-based research project. We will write from the viewpoint of an advocate in a particular community, discussing a particular problem from within said community and creating a research question that relates to it. I was actually glad to see that the project was made up of multiple parts, because each part will count toward the word total for the project – so we won’t have to focus on meeting a huge minimum word count for our final paper. Trey asked me to help him understand what was meant by “community” in the project prompt. I responded to him as follows,

“Well, for mine I’m probably going to write about the community of art/artists/illustrators. I think any career field or profession would be a good example of a community…
sports, cooking, the media, film, music/genres of music & musicians, teachers, writers, etc.”
His first thought was to write about how different types of music affect people positively and negatively. I said this seemed more like a study of music therapy than a problem within the industry. His next idea was to investigate how rap music affects the crime rate in communities. We then discussed the difference between the “research design plan” portion of the project, and the “interview and field-notes” sections. I think we’d still like some clarification on that.

About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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