So far, all of you have chosen to make your blogs public.  What makes you so comfortable with sharing your work with the world wide web?  What are the benefits?  How about the drawbacks? (5 minutes)

I have chosen to make this a public blog for several reasons. I am used to writing on a blog that is public, and sharing writing, art, and ideas within a public space. I think it is helpful when people follow you who have similar interests, since you can draw inspiration from them and even bounce ideas off of each other if you decide to communicate. A drawback may be holding yourself back from expressing your idea fully because you aren’t sure if it is appropriate or something that you want to be available to the entire world wide web, however, in the past I have made certain posts private (rather than the whole blog) if necessary. One major concern is having your work stolen, but as I mentioned in my earlier post (comparing research writing to street art)…if you don’t share your work, how can you expect to grow as a creative person? By making your works public, you are opening yourself to receive feedback, comments and (hopefully constructive) criticism, which will help to build your prowess as a writer (or artist/musician/etc).


About Phoebs

Phoebs is a Fine Arts student pursuing an Honors degree in Illustration.
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